Tamlyns are warning of the strict legislation for private landlords in the UK, after a 2016 case involving two Sheffield landlords came to a climax last month, with fairly weighty prison sentences for the pair.

A report published in Landlord Today told how Mark Cashin was sentenced to 18 weeks in prison, suspended for 12 months, for a number of property offences, including the harassment and subsequent illegal eviction of a man living in a property they own near Sheffield, in January 2016.

Landlord Today reported that Cashin had started to harass the tenant when he told him he may have to pay his rent on a different date due to starting a new job, threatening him with eviction through a series of text messages and verbal abuse before leaving his belongings in the hall way and presenting him with a ‘Mickey Mouse’ eviction agreement, as described in court.

The second landlord, Taylor, was found guilty of harassment and illegal eviction of a private rented tenant in February following a trial, while Cashin admitted to two counts of harassing a tenant/occupier last year.

During sentencing, Recorder Martin Simpson, told Cashin: “You, and landlords like you, think they're above the law but they're not, and should take advice before trying to use the law against vulnerable tenants, and respect that they are too protected by the law.”

Tamlyns say that this is just one publicised example of how serious the laws and their charges are for landlords in the UK. With the spotlight on the industry brighter than ever and legislation at an all-time high, one way private landlords can safeguard themselves is to use the services of an ARLA-regulated letting agent, who can ensure that all appropriate procedures and paperwork is completed within the law.

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The full article and report features on Landlord Today can be read here.